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"A dystopian man of mystery" - Alan Neal, CBC Radio

"artistic genius .. a defining character on the Canadian artist scene.."
Zouch Magazine

“ Marc Adornato’s propaganda videos … the truth behind the war recruiting programs is revealed in all its brutal honesty..”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio


ADORNATO (1977 - not dead yet)

Adornato is a Canadian contemporary artist, satirist, antique hoarder, and upcycler. His art practice spans a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, assemblage, performance, ready-mades, video, and sound - usually consisting of sharp sociopolitical critique, subversive and irreverent epigrams, with a hint of dark humour.

In 2002-2009, while suffering from 'future shock', Adornato produced a series of artworks entitled "Anarchos Apokalypsis" where he burned, shredded and smashed shit to pieces - then hung it in museums and galleries. Memorable pieces from that era are his Canadian and American flags made with real Canadian currency entitled, "United We Spend", the singing robotic fish he set on fire, "Robo-Christ" made from discarded techno-junk, and several video mashups including "State of the Union" and "In God We Trust" - all available on Youtube for free.

Adornato's post-semi-post-modern 'assemblage/mashup' style continues to be prevalent in his current sculptural work. Recent notable creations are the "Hunting Dissent" pieces, where he turns reclaimed antlers into nature's protesters, the somewhat disturbing 'BlowUp Dolls', and the emerging train-derailment series "Progress Derailed".

Adornato is also the self-proclaimed founder of the contemporary art movement 'Protestism'; contemporary artwork that rejects reckless, unethical, and unsustainable advances in human "progress", and applauds the rise of global protest culture such as the Umbrella Revolution, the Occupy movement, Idle No More, the Arab Spring, Blockadia, and other protest and strike action that supports human rights, workers' rights, fair-trade, clean renewable energy, open-source ideas, people before profit, lobbyist-free democracy, LGBT rights, ethnic and gender equality, affordable education and housing, and healthcare for all, etc.

He received a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bragging rights over the past decade include exhibits in The Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the National Art Gallery of Canada for a one-night-stand [view exhibition history].

Adornato is a first-generation Canadian, born in Montreal, Quebec, to Italian/French immigrants. He spent much of his formative years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia before his family settled in Ottawa, Canada. He creates his original artwork at his 1400 sqft studio, steps away from Gatineau Park, near Ottawa. He loosely rips off Banksy on a regular basis, and his work can be found at UNION 613, Railbender Studios, and the Ottawa Art Gallery | Art Rental and Sales.

The RBC Canadian Painting Competition (2015)
Adornato recently created a series of paintings entitled "Arbie Goes Rogue" for the RBC Canadian Painting competition. The paintings tell the story of Arbie, the RCB mascot, who finds out his job is being outsourced to India. To add insult to injury, the bank's mascot is asked to first train the temporary foreign worker before being terminated. Enraged by the injustice, Arbie lobs several Molotov cocktails and sets fire to his bank. While peacefully protesting in front of the burning bank, Arbie is tasered multiple times by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The paintings were created and submitted to the RBC competition in protest of the banks unethical business practices, and their manipulation of the Canadian art scene by celebrating and rewarding ho-hum, banal, abstract art, and ignoring culturally reflective, thought-provoking, subversive, or controversial art.More about the series here.

#MYPROTEST (2013-2014):
For his most recent art project, Adornato spent weeks cycling around the national capital region disguised in a suit and gas mask, and peppered the city with dystopian posters that addressed specific Canadian contemporary problems such as; the growing wealth gap between the rich and the poor, the tar sands and the slow and unenthusiastic pace of progress towards clean and renewable energy, illegal and unethical state surveillance along with other revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden, unlabeled genetically modified food in Canadian grocery stores, and the crippling of Canada's youth with student debt. [full documentation here] He then harvested the public's tweets and photos found on social media, and published them on the #MYPROTEST project website. He also produced a video of the project featuring music by Hilotrons. (watch on Youtube)

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Adornato recently appeared on CTV's Regional Contact where he spoke with Joel Haslam about art, antiques, and the meaning of life.

Artist Statement:

Fuck artist statements.