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"A dystopian man of mystery" - Alan Neal, CBC Radio

"artistic genius .. a defining character on the Canadian artist scene.."
Zouch Magazine

“ Marc Adornato’s propaganda videos … the truth behind the war recruiting programs is revealed in all its brutal honesty..”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio


ADORNATO (1977 - not dead yet)

Adornato (1977 - not dead yet) is a Canadian contemporary artist, satirist, antique hoarder, and occasional shit-disturber. His art practice spans a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, assemblage, performance, ready-mades, video, and sound - usually consisting of sharp sociopolitical critique, subversive and irreverent epigrams, with a hint of sarcasm or dark humor.

He recently made national headlines when he submitted a painting of the Royal Bank of Canada’s mascot burning down an RBC bank, to RBC’s prestigious Canadian painting competition. He didn’t win (check out the CBC interview about 'Arbie Goes Rogue' here). He’s also been known to cycle around the streets of Ottawa wearing a suit and gas mask as part of a dystopian art project called #MYPROTEST, as well as occasionally launch large glowing helium balloons, or ‘faux UFOs’, into the national capital's night sky. (video 1, 2, 3)

Adornato received a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bragging rights over the past decade include exhibits in The Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the National Art Gallery of Canada for a one-night-stand. He presently works out of his 1400 sqft studio space next to Gatineau park, and maintains an ongoing, ever changing, solo exhibit in the pretentious hipster club, Union 613 in Ottawa.

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Artist Statement:

Fuck artist statements.