Adornato in his studio. photo by Jamie Kronick |

"Think Bob Ross meets Edward Burtynsky" - CBC News

"Balls of steel" Guy Berube, LPM Projects

"A dystopian man of mystery"
- Alan Neal, CBC Radio 1

"an iconoclastic artist" - Ottawa Citizen

"a defining character on the Canadian artist scene "- Zouch Magazine



ADORNATO (1977 - not dead yet)

Adornato (BFA, NSCAD) is a Canadian contemporary artist, satirist, reformed antique hoarder, and occasional shit-disturber. His art practice usually consists of sharp sociopolitical critique, themes of wealth inequality, terrorism, state surveillance, pollution, with a hint of sarcasm or dark humor. Adornato explores a wide range of mediums and disciplines including painting, sculpture, assemblage, performance, ready-mades, video, and sound.

"I don't have stylistic loyalty. That's why people perceive me changing all the time. But there is a real continuity in my subject matter." - Adornato

In June 2016, The Ottawa Art Gallery exhibited a solo show of his latest work called, "I've Got Some Bad News" which featured over 80 pieces of his incendiary, dystopian creations, including his most recent series, Ruined Landscapes, where he painted hazmat cleanup crews and toxic accidents onto vintage 'Bob Ross-style' landscape paintings. The exhibit also featured a dozen vintage dolls wearing suicide bomb vests, better known as BlowUp Dolls, which the CBC described as "Cabbage Patch Kids meet ISIS", as well as the paintings he submitted to the RBC Canadian Painting Award.

In 2015 he made national headlines when he submitted a painting of an RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) building burning down, to RBC’s prestigious Canadian painting competition in response to their job outsourcing scandal. He didn’t win the award but his work went viral online and in the media. (Check out the CBC interview about 'Arbie Goes Rogue' here).

In 2014 Adornato spent several months cycling around the streets of downtown Ottawa in rush hour traffic wearing a suit and gas mask as part of a dystopian performance project called #MYPROTEST, which lead to an extensive RCMP investigation that determined he was doing nothing wrong.

He received a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bragging rights over the past decade include exhibits in The Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum. His work resides in the permanent art collection of the City of Ottawa, as well as several private collections in Canada and the United States of America.

He presently lives and works out of his 1400 sqft studio space next to Gatineau park.

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Artist Statement:

Fuck artist statements.