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Ruined Landscapes

A series of hazmat clean-up crews added into vintage landscape paintings found in thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets.
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RBC Canadian Painting Competition

Check out the painting submissions Adornato submitted to the prestigious art competition that made national headlines in 2015
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A Canadian Contemporary Art Project.
Performace, Art, Video, Photos, Tweets, etc
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2014 - 2015



Monsanto Farming

Reclaimed techno-bits, reclaimed wood.
36" x 24


hunting dissent

click the thumbnail to view the whole series of mounted protester heads using real antlers, and animal furs.



progress derailed

materials: 1940s Marx toy train,1913 Cunard Line frame, reclaimed wood, LED lights, antique radio parts.
40" x 30"



"Has Anyone Seen This Guy's Dad?"

materials:1970s space toys, 1960s crucifix, reclaimed wood, LED lights, vintage found objects in antique frame.
32" x 29"





electric witch and terrorist detector

materials: vacuum tubes, 1930 wood speaker shell, vintage circuit boards, found objects, frequency noises.
12" x 11" x 8"

deer dresser

materials: Deer antlers, fox fur, vintage Singer sewing machine drawers, reclaimed wood.



iForgot (about those tunes)

materials: 1910 telephone playing over 500 songs from 1920-1940
10" x 12" x 6"

Transistors fell from the sky in 1947

materials: Vintage pressure gauge, antique electric mechanism, WW2 era vacuum tube, old metal bits, on reclaimed wood.

the only thing that matters, relatively speaking

materials: vintage space toys, antique electric wall plugs, vintage RCA logo, old screws and bits, Einstein formulas lasered into reclaimed wood.

space oddity (series)

materials:1970s Buck Rogers figurine, phonograph tag, mounted on century-old reclaimed wood in antique frame.
8" x 10"


future shock

materials: Buck Rogers toy, WW2 era vacuum tube, early 1900s pocket watch on century old wood.


ReBirth of the Cool

materials: vintage siren horn, antique radio push-button mechanism, on century-old reclaimed wood, in antique frame.
24 x 18



toxic energy

materials: mercury filled antique heater, vintage hazmat figurine, relaimed woods.
12" x 16"


surveillance species

materials: shark jaw, 1910 kodak lens, video of my eye, on century-old reclaimed burl wood in antique frame
17" x 14"