Adornato independently executes 3 simultaneous solo art shows in Ottawa at:

The Hintonburg Public House (1020 Wellington St. W.)
(651 Somerset St. W.)
The Daily Grind (601 Somerset St. W.)


Media Coverage:

June 2012
CBC Radio 1 - All in a Day
Allan Neal talks with Marc about his triple solo show.

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June 2012
APT 613
"Made In Canada: Marc Adornato has much to report"
by Diane Bond

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June 2012
Adornato holds 3 simultaneous solo shows in Ottawa - watch video trailer!

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June 2012
Ottawa Citizen The Big Beat
"Junk Becomes Art"
by Peter Simpson

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Video Promo and Press Release :

JUNE8: I HAVE MUCH TO REPORT (JUNE8.ca) by Marc Adornato

".. artistic genius .. a defining character on the Canadian artist scene.." - Zouch Magazine, 2011


Marc Adornato (BFA, NSCAD 2001) is a Montreal-born, Ottawa-based 1st generation Italian-Canadian Artist who has exhibited in the Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada's Currency Museum, and had a brief appearance in the National Art Gallery last year.

On Friday, June 8th, Adornato will be filling 3 separate Ottawa venues with a selection of recent artworks from his series MADE IN CANADA. This antiquated and provocative body of art was created with century-old recycled objects and was inspired by current political and social issues, and the interaction between consumerism and sustainability.

The shows will be happening simultaneously at:

Shanghai (651 Somerset St. W.),
The Daily Grind (601 Somerset St. W.), and
The Hintonburg Public House (1020 Wellington St. W.)

Vernissage: Friday, June 8 / 5-9pm @ Shanghai and The Daily Grind
........................................... ..........10pm @ Hintonburg Public House

Limited edition, signed original prints will be given FREE to the first 20 people to arrive at The Daily Grind (1 per person max).

All 3 exhibits will be showing until Sunday JULY 8, 2012

For more info contact: Marc Adornato at info@adornato.com | 613.447.5462 | or visit www.JUNE8.ca


My latest body of work (a series entitled: MADE IN CANADA) is a reaction to a rapidly changing North American culture, a reflection of contentious and contemporary social and political issues, and an exploration of the impact of consumerism.

The 3 mixed-media installations consist of more than 50 artworks and epigrams made with reclaimed and recycled objects such as vintage toys, old advertising, antique media electronics (vacuum tubes, phonographs, radios, telephones, cameras), WW2-era gas masks, animal furs and antlers.

Despite the aged and historical appearance of the works, the pieces and their titles refer to the most current social and political issues of our time. “Trans-Canadian Pipeline”, “Progress Derailed”, “Hunting Dissent”, “a Bull($h*t) Market” and “Endangered Species”, are just a few of the provocative titles of the artworks included in this exhibit.

The pieces presented in the 3 venues invite viewers to reflect on our not-so-distant past while prompting discourse on subjects such as consumerism, sustainability and the environment.

- Marc Adornato (www.ADORNATO.com)


For more info contact: Marc Adornato at info@adornato.com | 613.447.5462 | or visit www.JUNE8.ca

Images for media use: (*please credit marc adornato as the artist or/and website www.ADORNATO.com)

Watch the Youtube Video Trailer for June8