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Hunting Dissent (2011-2015): a limited edition series by Canadian Artist Marc Adornato.

Environmental pollution and the systemic destruction of the planet at the hands of humans isn’t particularly new ‘news’ anymore. For over a century humankind has exponentially increased the exploitation of natural resources and created new pollutants, toxins, and harmful chemicals – all in the name of ‘progress’ and ‘economic growth'. But is abusing, gutting, and poisoning our home planet a fair price to pay for these elusive pursuits? Most modern science would suggest that ‘human progress’ practices are not only harmful and unsustainable, but possibly have irreversible effects on the health of our planet and all its inhabitants. So it is perplexing to me why Canadian lawmakers (whom are also presumably residents of this planet) would continue to destroy their lands and waters for all future generations of all species, including their own.

This series of 'dead protesters' was created in memory of the wildlife destroyed, the voiceless dissenters, and as a form of indelible, longer term art-protest. I began creating these 'protest' artworks in late 2010 while following daily news reports of protesters taking to the streets in Canada and abroad, in a seemingly futile attempt to change things. It is with these despairing creations that I hope to raise awareness and provoke discussion regarding protecting the Earth, all of its inhabitants, and our charter rights to free speech.

Works are created with reclaimed and recycled animal remains (antlers, furs), wood, and mid-century gas masks.

Most pieces now reside in private collections in Ottawa. There are approx 4 available for purchase.
Check them out in person at the Hintonburg Public House or Union 613 in Ottawa - or visit the BUY ART section.