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BlowUp Dolls (aka: Taliban Toys, Pop Tots, Kamikaze Kids, Baby Boomers, Cabbage Blast Kids)
BlowUp Dolls is a dark-humoured series of antique and vintage dolls wearing simulated suicide bomb vests. While these artworks reflect shocking and violent tactics used by terrorists in the Middle East, these cute, yet creepy dolls also address a relatively new and disturbing era of sensationalized violent imagery, particularly imagery which deals with the media’s definitions of terrorism. Terms like ‘Home-grown terrorism’, ‘suicide bombers’, ‘lone wolf attacks’, and ‘shooting rampages’ have permeated our cultural lexicon and our society is slowly becoming desensitized to these disturbing trends. BlowUp Dolls aims to critically challenge the commercialization and mass-production of kamikaze-style violent attacks & imagery and sensationalized language concerning the “War on Terror.” This series asks viewers to consider the causes of such radical and hopeless behaviour, as well as how the representation of these crimes impact our collective, social psyche and the psyche of the next generation.
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