Spark It Up on Sparks Street - Canada's New Red Light District!


A Sparks Street revitalization plan by Marc Adornato (email:

In its never-ending quest to breathe life into Sparks Street, the city is asking residents, business owners, community associations and government agencies what they want the dull, drab, lifeless pedestrian mall to be. With the legalization of recreational marijuana set to happen by July 1st, 2018, and with prostitution already legal, I say we should turn Sparks Street into a world-class Red Light District similar to Amsterdam.


Got a joint? Well, come Spark it up on Sparks Street™. Canada's newest adult entertainment strip where pot-smoking and sex services are not only legal but the funnest economic driving force ever!

Food, Drink, and Entertainment

- Open up pot cafés like in Amsterdam
- Allow Red Light sex service window shopping and live sex show venues like in Amsterdam (legal prostitution for men and women)
- Bring in giant all night dance clubs (*with extended hours due to the very low residential area)
- Pack the area with roof top and street level patios.
- Food trucks and local craft beer tasting zones
- A sun-roofed acclimatized all-season block
- A mobile band shell that rises out of the ground for occasional concerts

- The Kent Street Craft Beer tasting zone at Sparks and Kent
- The Lyon Napping zone at Sparks and Lyon (*massage chairs, hammocks, and 4-hand massage services)
- SPANKS Street RED LIGHT ZONE would start at the corner of Sparks and Bank Street *strictly for adults only. (Sex services and live sex shows area)

Location is perfect

- Walkable from the new Lebreton Flats Stadium for after game entertainment, and post-work relaxation.
- LRT accessible: Sparks Street has several stops along the LRT route
Sparks Street already is a great place to party all night because of the very low residential area.
- Sparks Street could stay open late and be exempt from the noise bylaw.



- Human Catapult to launch people into the Ottawa River.
- A zipline or aerial park up and down Sparks.
- Japanese vending machines
- More Polish and Italian sausages
- Robots
- Segways
- Harvest Noir
- A Creperie
- The least offensive gender ambiguous mascot possible
- A drug bus