Being an Artist is a very vulnerable gig. Anyone who creates anything and then puts it on display to be judged by family, friends, peers, and the public knows the feeling. Fortunately, I have been very lucky - and I am humbled and filled with gratitude for the love, support, and positive feedback (and even some of the negative) that I have received throughout my art career.

There are countless people I should thank dating back to my childhood, my parents, my art teachers, and all the known and unknown supporters who have purchased my artwork and hang it in their homes, offices, cottages, etc. Thank You! As an exercise in gratitude and mindfulness, I've also decided to keep a running list of all the people that pop into my head often, who have helped me along the way or changed the course of my art career - teaching me, supporting my endeavours, contributing valuable feedback, donating to my art supplies, opening doors, and for better or worse, made me a stronger, determined, thicker-skinned Artist.

So here we go, in no particular order: Thanks to all the artists who made the landscape paintings in the first place, and to the hazmat clean-up crews who deal with these toxic messes on a regular basis. A big Thanks to my Mom & Dad, Uncle Rick, family and friends, all the fans & supporters over the years, and the owners of my artwork. a big shout out to Kelly & The Diefenbunker Museum, Stephanie & The Ottawa Art Gallery, The Canadian War Museum, The Museum of Science and Technology, The Bank of Canada's Currency museum, Kent Monkman, Ivan at Union 613, Bill Staubi, Michael and Morgan Wallack, Daniel Ferland, the OVRC club, Summer & Dan at The Hintonburg Public House, Mike and Krissy at the Daily Grind, The Kwan family and Shanghai, Marisa at the Manx, Oz at Oz, Sara at the Mercury Lounge, Liam at Jackpine, Skellzo, Shitty Shades, Jamie Kronick, Julian at FiveCentsTattoo / greyarea, Alex and Marta at Railbender, Matt Love, Nick Bachusky, Kristen at Mint Hair Studio, Brad at Brew Donkey, Gareth at Maker House, Susan Van Dalen, Aileen Duncan, Joanne Rycaj Guillemette, Nadia, Brenda Dunn, Shawn Macdonell, Stephen Frew who drove me around looking for all these damn paintings, Ania & Bob, Tom & Sheila, Hilotrons, The City of Ottawa, Mario & The CBC, APT613, Steph Joey and Pat @ Herd Magazine, rob mclennan, Dwayne Love Ottawa, twosixate, Amen from the Secret Lives, Jen Stone, Ryan and Remco at Artengine, Mark Stephenson & everyone throughout Earth's history that contributed in some way to help me get to this point in time. Nec spe nec metu.