Artist Statement

Adornato is a self-described "visual activist" who uses the politics of representation and the aesthetics of visual art to create provocative epigrams exploring recognition and viewer engagement.


This engaged and satirical work targets contrived preconceived notions of the contemporary world set out by scholars and popular culture, and challenges the colonial and patriarchal gaze, and classicism, with lighthearted but poignant existentialism.


Adornato presents multiple antiquated and modern narrative entry points from 'western' pop culture, art history, or Catholicism, and creates a user-friendly visual language that aims to dismantle stereotypes, colonized spaces, and stimulate layered critical thinking. If you're still reading this, I applaude you.


His non-linear aesthetic subverts the notion of a static museological artifact and instead creates a complex tension between the historical sum of human progress and the regressive destruction of our contemporary times.


His work boldly questions the presence, absence, and continuum of traditional cultural practices, science, politics, religion, while playfully thumbing its nose at purists who preserve the institutional ethos inside and outside the western art world. 

"In the year 2525", Laser etched sketch on wood, 2016


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