MARC ANDREW ADORNATO (1977 - not dead yet), known mononymously as Adornato, is a first-generation Italian-Canadian contemporary artist based in Ottawa, Canada. His subversive and provocative art practice mostly consists of socially engaged and dystopian artwork, with political, satirical, and irreverent commentary (and this was long before COVID-19).


Pollution & climate change, domestic terrorism & gun violence, state surveillance, wealth inequality, and Capitalism-gone-wrong are regular motifs in his history paintings, street art, performances, sculptures, and videos. Adornato also explores a wide range of other mediums and disciplines including building instruments, music, assemblage furniture, mischievous pranks, and more.

His work resides in the permanent art collections of the City of Ottawa, the Diefenbunker Museum, as well as several prominent private collections across Canada, Italy, China, and Spain. Adornato has also received grants and awards including the Artist Production Grant from the City of Ottawa in 2018 for his current body of work, but leans towards the expedience of funding his own artwork and research trips. 


Career highlights include solo exhibitions at the Diefenbunker Museum (2018), The Ottawa Art Gallery Annexe (2016), group exhibitions at the Bank of Canada's Currency Museum (2007), the Canadian War Museum (2006), and a 7-year (ongoing) residency at the politically contentious gastro pub, UNION 613 in Ottawa.

Other highlights: In 2015, Adornato made an ATIPS information request to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and discovered a 7-page, mostly redacted, police investigation (view here) into his performance art project, #MYPROTEST, that concluded that his art and performances were not a crime. In 2014, The Royal Bank of Canada wasn't thrilled either, when he submitted a painting of a Royal Bank set ablaze by their mascot, to the prestigious RBC Canadian Painting Competition. RBC has since cancelled the banal competition and retired their mascot.

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