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Awesome Contemporary Painters on Instagram.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

In no particular order - I add more all the time at the bottom. : Top 10 for sure.

@aykutmaykut: Surreal figurative painter

@chrisleibart: paints astronauts and bonobos

@henrikaau: uh muh gah, amazing portraiture.

@nickalmart: figurative painter with skillz @joshuathelawyer: @jamiemkjardine : Schoolmate painter doing Robots and landscapes.

@artistjasonjones: robots in landscapes.

@milkformycoconut: figurative. strokey. occasional erotica. @jakewoodevans: UK painter. dark. ghostly. friends with andrew beck. @andrewbeckart: Ottawa painter from UK. A-MAZE-ING. @ellysmallwood: Fleshy figure painter from Ottawa w/ 500k fans.

@Alessandro_sicioldr : creepy nightmarish vibe @laynejohnsonstudio: the great sky & cloud master @somepaintings: soooo good - when he posts his paintings. @archannair: too much colour for me, but you might dig it. @jeremyispainting: the floating astronauts guy.

@santocesart: a damn good figurative painter

@peterhoffer: Montreal painter who does pretty sweet trees.

@davecooper67: an Ottawa creative legend making pop surrealism

@mcarson1999: figurative brushstrokey goodness.

@figurative_art: more painters (better than you) than you could ever imagine. haha.


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