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Creative/Artsy Instagram Accounts I enjoy.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Here's a growing list of creative Instagram accounts I follow and enjoy.

@damien_kempf: Monster hunter from the middle ages. @moon_patrol: vintage digital? collages.

@brunowalpoth: very creepy wood sculptor.. yes, that's wood!

@grzegorz_gwiazda: cool sculptor. @hatchshowprint: Cool posters / printing press peeps. @jesuislesurrealisme: more bizarre eye candy.

@lastritesgallery: this new york gallery has some very dark artists.

@taxcollection: a mix bag of artsy creative stuff. @visual.fodder: weird eye candy, with great little video shorts.

@juxtapozmag: A popular international arts and culture feed.

@hifructosemag: A popular international arts and culture feed.

@adbusters.magazine: subversive fun political stuff.

@obeygiant: the legendary Shepard Fairey.

@raymondbiesinger: fun colorful graphic designer.

@tahini_sauce: Ottawa-based artist / designer doing collage.

@streetartminiature: (SAM): anonymous street artist in Ottawa.

@sketch_dailydose: a mix bag of sketchy stuff.

@contemporaryartcurator: spotlights on very cool artists.

@contemporary.paintings: not just painting.

@_dailymuseum: mostly historical fine art. @arts_magic_official: a mix bag of artsy stuff.


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