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My 1st CRISPR creation

Frankly, I'm still in shock. Since about 2000, around the time Dolly the sheep was cloned and scientists mapped the Human Genome, I would say I became a certifiably crazed Genetic Engineering enthusiast - but only in literature and following science news stories.

Only after watching the documentary, Unnatural Selection on Netflix, did I discover that I could order an entire CRISPR genetic engineering kit online for about $200 USD. So I did!

I got this. A complete kit (photo) and an experiment: To grow non-pathogenic E.coli bacteria, and using the new CRISPR Cas9 method, introduce a new gene that would allow the bacteria to live on a poisonous surface that would otherwise kill it.

I won't lie. The learning curve is steep, and the instructions were super confusing (clearly written by a technical scientist). But I stuck it through - and I am pleased to report that the experiment worked. Seen below are thriving colonies of E.Coli bacteria I grew in my art studio on LB Strep/Kan/Arab Agar - a poison for E.coli that would normally kill it.

To speed up the experiment, I also made (laser cut) my own little incubator with the help of some other local biohackers. Below are a few pics of the experiment and i-incubator.

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