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Press Release: The Saints Go Marching

Updated: Oct 27

Press release: October 27, 2020.

The Saints Go Marching

Oil on wood panel 32" x 22"



" A true Christian should carry the Bible in one hand and a machine gun in the other. " - General Efraín Ríos Montt

About 'The Saints Go Marching' Painting: Completed in October, 2020, The Saints Go Marching is one of several provocative and satirical paintings from the Canadian artist's pseudo-byzantine inspired series, Dystopia Rising (2018-ongoing). It features 4 white, male figures marching with AR-15 machine guns in hand, in lockstep behind a Christ-like figure also armed with an assault rifle. For one familiar with the news of the day, Adornato is referencing the US 2020 re-election campaign of President Trump who panders to the Evangelical Christians as well as White Supremacists', Alt-Right Neo-Nazis, and heavily armed domestic militias. When asked, leading up the the November 3rd election, Trump wouldn't guarantee a peaceful transition of power if he were to lose, and even went as far as to call his election campaign website, '' .

Adornato portrays Jesus, followed by Trump dressed as the Pope, Gavin McInnes (leader of the Proud Boys), an unknown monk, and finally, the artist himself giving the stink eye, mocking the procession.

Artist Statement: This painting was inspired by the lead up to the 2020 American Elections, between President Donald Trump and Former VP Joe Biden. Over the past few months, while living under COVID-19 lock down measures, I've had a lot of time to make new artwork, and watch the news about the belligerent and aggressive Christian-American Trump administration. Over the past 4 years I've watched the ridiculous antics he's employed to pander to his Christian and white supremacist base, while erode American democracy. But over the past few months, he's really stepped it up. Tactics include misinformation and compulsive lying, attacking the credibility of news, journalism and reputable media organizations, attacking his political opponents, casting doubt on the integrity of the upcoming election, all while completely mismanaging the COVID-19 pandemic response that has resulted in over 250,000 American deaths to date. Trump, who contracted COVID-19 himself, is a crazed, maniacal, power-drunk idiot, and it baffles me how his Republican colleagues continue to let him lead, and endanger the lives of thousands of Americans by holding his super-spreading Nuremberg-styled rallies - instead of enacting the 25th amendment. Anyway, The Saints Go Marching is a painting about all of that.

About the artist: Adornato is a non-religious former Catholic, and 1st generation Italian-French Canadian, born in Montreal, Quebec and based in Ottawa, Canada. He received a bachelor’s degree in fine art from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, and has since exhibited at The Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada's Museum of Currency, The Diefenbunker Museum, and The Ottawa Art Gallery Annexe. His artwork resides in the permanent collections of The City of Ottawa, The Diefnebunker Museum, and other private collections. View the complete Artist Biography here.

More about the painting:

This painting is one from an ongoing series, Dystopia Rising. As with much of his artwork, Adornato pays homage to some of his art history faves:

The Figures (right to left): - Jesus painted to reflect both Giotto's Jesus (The Baptism of Christ, c.1305), and Alfredo Rostgaard Guerrilla Christ (Cuba c.1969) - Donald Trump in a Pope outfit.  - Gavin McInnes, Founder of The Proud Boys White Supremacist Group, also graduate from Earl of March High school (Adornato's High School), and Carleton University, Ottawa. - A religious figure in the style of Proto-renaissance artist Giotto (1267-1337) - Adornato himself giving the stink eye, mocking the procession, with one cocked eye-brow, looking to the audience as if to say, WTF? __________________________________________________________________

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